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Colour cosmetics is witnessing very fast growth in Algeria and this can be explained by the fact that demand for these products is far from reaching maturity in Algeria and the category therefore maintains substantial growth potential in Algeria in comparison with neighboring countries such as Morocco and Tunisia.

Indeed, Algeria had annual percapita consumption of colour cosmetics equal to US$2 in 2015, against US$3 in Morocco and US$5 in Tunisia.

Bourjois was the leading brand in colour cosmetics in Algeria in 2015 with a retail value share of 24%. The brand’s parent company, Cosmekam Algérie, continues to benefit from the popularity of its premium brand Chanel and its mass brand Bourjois.

Indeed, well-established brand loyalty and key launches during the year enabled Bourjois to maintain its leading position in the category towards the end of the review period.

Colour cosmetics is expected to continue seeing positive growth over the forecast period, thanks mainly to the rising urban population and the increasing numbers of women joining the Algerian workforce. Moreover, the increasing development of modern retailing in the country is expected to continue fueling growth in sales of colour cosmetics.

However, since the Algerian economy relies massively on hydrocarbon exports, the slump recorded in global oil prices towards the end of the review period, which is driving inflation and fueling the depreciation of the exchange value of the Algerian dinar, is expected to continue having negative consequences for the category during the forecast period.

Indeed, this unfortunate situation is expected to drive significant unit price increases and thus suppress growth in demand in the category over the forecast period.